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PRE-ORDER - Scoop Neck Empire Inset Maxi Long dress

This is a classic peasant dress with very vigorous verve. It retains a classic feminine charm, but i..


PRE-ORDER - Empire Crinkle Jacquard Cascade Hole Sleeve Dress Caftan

It's pretty amazing how those two little openings under the arms can emphasize and flatter your figu..


PRE-ORDER - Empire long sleeve Peasant Boho Maxi Dress

If you have an affinity or appreciation for refined, understated elegance, then this dress may be fo..


PRE-ORDER - Sexy Strappy Romantic Lace & Batik Tiered Dress

For those occasions when you want to look beautiful or pretty or sexy or charming, or, on VERY speci..


Plus Size Fashion for Women

Nowadays people from around the world are very conscious about their image! And we know an expanding number of ladies feel the weight on how would they look, or what dress they’ll wear, particularly when they are plus-size women. Worry free and be proud whatever your size is! We have extraordinary news for you! We've got an index of incredible items accessible which can help women of all sizes to keep them Trendy ALL the time. In addition, our Great collections that are beautifully designed for plus-size women boost their self-confidence with her size and femininity to fashion her taste level and lifestyle. It encourages a woman to feel sultry and downright irresistible, bringing out her inner confidence for all to see. Don't shrink your dreams ... Supersize Your Confidence...Garment finery for plus-size woman is the things that we have expertise in... For those who have great interest in Fashion... You can check out our Impressive stock list of fashionable apparels ... Supplying fine garments at affordable prices... our whole RAISON d’être, so it’s time to update your wardrobes. Shop the latest trends and dress the most stylish version of you, the perfect fit for you.

Fine garments for every occasion

Most women have a yearning to look awesome every time they go out. And fashionable woman is always searching for savvy, cool, funky, sexy, and stylish party or evening dress... Well ... You'll surely find garments that suit your taste from our ever increasing range of fine clothing... From flattering boot cut black denim jeans to elegant dresses and even trendy animal and floral print tops to plus size pants and jeans that will rock your curve... It is a seemingly endless range of woman On-line clothing that appeals to the senses and we are more than happy to oblige ourselves to serve you when it comes to fine a garment that is specifically designed to meet the plus size fashion needs of fuller figured Australian women for all occasions... Our collection of beautifully styled, quality clothing is ultra-affordable, bringing you the latest trends at the lowest prices. We have lots more to offer that will SOON see that sourcing to Trendy items...


PRE-ORDER - Lagenlook Short Sleeve Lycra Comb Art Batik Maxi Dress Set Scarf

This delightful dress/scarf set features an art-to-wear attitude and styling that's fun as wel..


PRE-ORDER - Batik Patchwork Layered Elastic Waist Maxi Skirt

This is easy-to-wear fashion that combines a layered lagenlook chic with a bold art-to-wear fl..


PRE-ORDER - Crinkle Rayon Matching Poncho Tunic Scarf Set 2 Piece

Sometimes, the simplest is the most elegant...This poncho top and scarf set truly offer endless ..


PRE-ORDER - Short Sleeve Batik Print Mexican Peasant Dress

This dress is THE style of the summer. It’s a Mexican peasant style originally popularized by ar..